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Hey doods, here’s the process for my latest painting! Ah now that summer’s here I have so much free time to paint :D
I was practising action poses as motion for this piece, I even did a bit of motion blurring and spent more time on detailing!!! :O 
I hope you all like it! :D

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Illustrations by Loui Jover


some 20minute superman V batman speedpaints.


some 20minute superman V batman speedpaints.


Colin Heck (cbheck on Tumblr), the director on Legend of Korra, shared these AWESOME character portraits he made for his fans.  They’re pretty cool right? THE ANSWER IS YES.

Don’t forget to watch tonight’s new eps at 8pm/7c!!!

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Cover of japanese Cut magazine with Marnie + other drawings by Ghibli director/animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi (from his Gashu book).

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Winter Soldier by Gabrielle Dell’Otto.animated by me
Winter Soldier by Gabrielle Dell’Otto.
animated by me

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